Prof. Medani P. Bhandari

Prof. Medani P. Bhandari


Prof. of Sustainability, Akamai University, Hawaii, USA.


General Secretory – The Equality Foundation, USA.


International Program Director – Atlantic State Legal Foundation, New York, USA.


Executive Director – Human Survival Foundation, UK- https://humansurvivalfoundation.org/


Editor-in-Chief  of Global journal – Strategic Planning for Energy and the Environment- https://www.journal.riverpublishers.com/index.php/SPEE/about 


Managing Editor – The Asia Environment Daily, Beijing, Hong Kong, New York- https://asiaenvdaily.com/index.php/2-uncategorised/29760-about-asia-environmental-daily


Prof. Bhandari has published 8 books related to climate change, sustainability, social sciences theories, inequality etc. four volumes of poems with Prajita Bhandari and above 100 scientific papers, more than 50 philosophical essays.